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Two new left-nav links:

1. A new blog, DR Mariner

2. The M’s payroll info over at Dugout Dollars


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I put off posting for a bit, because I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read Derek’s lengthy (and very good) post below. I find that sometimes when a blog gets into rapid posting mode, it’s easy to miss a post here and there. For example, I know I missed Dave’s Good News/Bad News post until today because of Derek’s post. As an aside, Dave’s picture of the stairs leading up to the orchard supply hut is really cool, so be sure to check it out.

Over in the Times, Steve Kelley has a relatively fluffy piece about John Olerud being reunited with Paul Molitor. I don’t generally put much stock in the role hitting coaches play, but I think this might be one that works out well. The two talked hitting during their time in Toronto together, and if nothing else, Olerud should benefit from having a buddy on the bench to go over things with. I’m still not expecting a big year from Olerud at his age, but I don’t expect him to hit as poorly as he did last season, either.