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Jason’s Big Board is one of the coolest features on the web. Make sure you put it to use.

Some of the prospect mavens among you may notice a few recognizable names not on the opening day assignments for the full season teams, and good luck getting any information from the local papers. So, for those of you who care, here’s an update on some of the missing prospects:

1. Rett Johnson. He’s working in extended spring and the organization is cautiously optimistic that he’ll be assigned to Tacoma at some point this year, though there is no current timetable for his return to competitive pitching. This is a continuation of the “personal problems” that caused him to leave camp during spring training.

2. Jamie Bubela tore tendons in his knee during the offseason and will miss the entire 2004 season.

3. Jared Thomas tore up his ankle and is rehabbing in Arizona with the hope of pitching at some point late in the season.

4. Vince Faison has arm problems and is unable to throw. He is working out in Arizona, hoping to work his arm back to strength where he can join San Antonio in May.

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I’m pleased to announce the first complete Big Board of 2004. Thanks go out to Dave for tracking down Wisconsin’s roster this morning. To cut off any questions — starting lineups and rotations are, in some cases, our best guesses. We’re more certain about Tacoma’s and Wisconsin’s rotations than we are about San Antonio’s or Inland Empire’s, however. Bullpens are listed alphabetically, without regard to which pitchers will have which roles (with the exception of closer, which again, is just a best guess).

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Interestingly, I got spam from “Armando Benitez” about a month ago. Odd.

Also, thanks to the 3,412 people who emailed us to let me know that Punch often slapped Judy with a stick in a not-too-thretening manner, thus the action became associated with non-powerful swings. Nothing like domestic violence puppet shows to spawn interesting cliches.