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Reader Paul Covert writes on the Thornton call-up:

I note that this marks the first time an M’s first-rounder has advanced to the majors in almost five years, since Meche’s initial promotion in July 1999. Of the first-rounders since then (Anderson ’97, Thornton ’98, Christianson ’99, Heaverlo [supplemental] ’99, nobody ’00, Garciaparra [supplemental] ’01, Mayberry [oops] ’02, and Jones [supplemental] ’03), none had made the big time until now.

Further to that here are (as far as I know) all the M’s signed (i.e. non-Rich Harden) draftees since ’97 who have made it to the majors:

1997 5th Jermaine Clark, 12th Pineiro

1998 1st Thornton, 3rd Van Hekken

1999 3rd Bloomquist, 6th Putz, 8th Sledge, 9th Steve Kent

2000 6th Strong

Pineiro looks like the only solidly established regular in the bunch (although of course others could still do it)….

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Mariners at Orioles

Monday, RHP Meche v LHP Riley, 4:05

Tuesday, LHP Moyer v RHP Ainsworth, 4:05

Wednesday, RHP Pineiro v LHP DuBose, 4:05

Thursday, RHP Garcia v LHP Bedard, 1:05

Whew! A break from those good AL West teams, and a breather against the lousy… what? Oh crap, Baltimore’s 10-7! Fifth in the league in defense, fifth in offense! Noooooooooooo…

Also, Dave — you guessed that was his release date. He’s just been designated for assignment: they could release him tomorrow and you’d be right on.

Headline: “M’s throw in towel on throwing in towel”

or how about “M’s throw out towel”

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Kevin Jarvis is no more. Not in a morbid, grive for his family kind of way, but in a put the fans out of their misery and release him kind of way. And for that, hurrah. I do wish the M’s had done this tomorrow, however. Even waited til midnight would have been fine. As is, I missed it by one day.