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So, I’m laying in bed, beginning to get my first good nights sleep in a few days, when my dream is interrupted by a loud inferal repetitive beep. Very few things in life make my skin crawl like repetitive beeping, so of course, they’ve been implemented into nearly every walk of life. This particular annoyance was courtesy of my phone, which I really should turn off when I go to bed. I received a voicemail from my friend Clark, encouraging me to post that the comeback on June 6th is what is going to turn the team around and send them to the World Series. Sorry Clark, I’m tired, but I’m not drunk.

But, you know what, its games like this (I assume, I slept through innings 7-9) that make baseball a heck of a lot of fun. Yea, Billy Koch is the most worthless closer since the dawn of time, but come on, Jolbert Cabrera drew a game-winning walk, doubling his total on the season (yes, Hole-Bear now has 2 walks in 103 at-bats). That’s just good times. Come from behind wins rock, and the 15,000 or so who stuck around til the end got a night of enjoyment.

The team stinks, the organization is still a ship without a rudder, but you know what; tonight, walking out of Safeco Field, I’m sure Clark didn’t care. Baseball’s pretty cool that way. Even in the midst of one of the more depressing seasons in team history, there are good times, fun comebacks, and walk off walks by guys who treat the base on balls like a plague. It’s phone calls like the one I got that is why baseball is the best game ever invented. Even with the infernal beeping of my phone, hurray for comeback wins and the joy they bring.