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I haven’t watched a game in three days. Instead, I biked up a mountain pass on the hardest ride I’ve ever done, I painted a room, read… I feel pretty good about it, actually. It’s strange, because in a normal day I’ll watch at least the M’s game and most likely something I’ve TiVo’d from earlier that day, or whatever’s looking interesting on DirecTV.

I’m also feeling pretty good about it because, as you may have noticed, my head came open like a teapot and steam escaped from both ears and this new, hinged opening (which revealed my brain) and I got really mad. I’ve decided I’m going to try and play more baseball and worry less about how the Mariners play baseball. We’ll see how well I manage that.

I’m working on a knuckler. I think if I can throw a decent knuckler in rec league ball…. hooooooboy.