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They’re done. Done. You hear me, front office? The M’s are done this season. Their recent hot streak was an abberation, a function of playing the likes of Montreal and Pittsburgh. If I read one more article about how the M’s are waiting to see if they’ll get back in the race before making moves, or about how they don’t want to upset the fans, I’m going to hurl. You know what? We’re already upset. Give up on this season and try to make the team better for 2005 and beyond. Trust me, we can take it. Just show us some sort of effort, will you?

And further, Bill Bavasi, quit using your “if we make a trade, we have to get better on the field this season” line. Like in this article. And this one.

I’m also tired of “there’s nothing we can do to make this team better right now.” Oh yeah? You’re getting nothing in the way of production out of third base. Why not give Justin Leone a shot? He hit two more homers last night to give him 20 on the season, second-best in the PCL.

Yeah, I’m frustrated. But not so much by their poor play this season as by their seeming inability — or unwillingness — to recognize what’s broken and how to go about fixing it. Rather than stopping to swap out their flat tire for a spare, they’re hoping that if they just drive a few more miles, the tire might magically patch itself.

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Look, it’s Josias Manzanillo!