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Also, getting conflicting accounts from readers on Bucky’s Knee. That it’s not that bad, really. Reader Brian Johnson, for instance, writes:

Been reading you for a while and wanted to shed some light on bucky’s knee. The Mariner’s hosted an RBI club luncheon on Friday where Bucky and Leone were the speakers. A guy in the crowd specifically asked Bucky about the knee. I’m paraphrasing here but his answer was basically to the effect of him playing almost every game last year with the same problem, he’s had it for years and it hasn’t stopped him, and he wasn’t sure why they were being so cautious with it. He also seemed to be dissapointed that the apparent possibility of a knee problem would keep him out of the lineup.
As far as I’m concerned, going off what Bucky told us all on Friday, and admittedly it is a biased view because he seems like a gamer, Melvin should be held responsible for the lack of Bucky’s PT, not the knee.

And let me ask a related question — since when have the Mariners trainers ever been this overly cautious with anyone? When Meche was wearing down last year, did they pull him from the rotation to be safe, or let him grind it out? In fact… well, I don’t get this at all.

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The new Big Board is up. That’s Jason for you, folks — newborn kid and he’s still keeping an eye on the organization.

And, uh, if anyone out there has experience setting up WordPress, could you drop me a line? I’ve got a question that I can’t figure out from reading the docs (and related stuff).

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I’m alive and well, so thanks for caring. I’m not sure the last time I went four days without posting; maybe never. My life is transitioning (in a good way) and I’m rebalancing my schedule, but don’t worry, USSM will still be a part of that balance.

As a peace offering, I give you the first look at the Mariners delegation to the Arizona Fall League. You won’t see this elsewhere for quite a while, as the good ship U.S.S. Mariner continues to provide you with information before anyone else. They have only named 5 of the 6 slots, with a TBA in the last pitcher spot. There’s a chance it could go to Rett Johnson, but that decision hasn’t been made yet. The five named are:

Shin-Soo Choo

Mike Morse

Greg Dobbs

Jared Thomas

Chris Buglovsky

Okay, so it’s not a who’s who of the farm system, but there you go. If you plan on taking a trip down to the AFL this year, you’ll at least get to watch Choo do his thing.

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I think I fixed the archive/permalinks issue (there’s a thing with… blogger’s publishing.. it’s one of those errors where you spend way too much time overthinking the problem until you step back and start all over, and bang, it’s a real problem, but simple).