Thanks, guys

March 31, 2010 · Filed Under General baseball, Mariners, Site · 23 Comments 

It’s no secret that a Certain Other Baseball Site Dave Writes For is doing a major series right now that is generating a lot of, uh, discussion. (yeah, let’s call it that)

So, I just wanted to say, on behalf of all of the USSM crew:

Thanks to all of our regular commenters. Sometimes we take you for granted, and it takes something like watching a total trainwreck somewhere else to really make us appreciate what a good overall community we’ve managed to collect here at USSM.

(LL people, you’re awesome too, even if you won’t let me make Carlos Silva fat jokes anymore)

New Users: Please Be Patient

March 15, 2010 · Filed Under Off-topic ranting, Site, Site information · Comments Off on New Users: Please Be Patient 

Hey folks, a quick moderation note:

We’re currently in the midst of fending off a simply disgusting amount of comment spam from people trying to sell knockoff shoes, etc. (I think I’ve gotten rid of something on the order of 100 comments in the last few days)

Until it subsides, please understand that any comments from a new user go into the moderation queue specifically to help keep things like this under control; this means that if you are a new user, your posts won’t show up until an author or mod has a chance to go in and flag you as not being an automated spam robot.

This isn’t anything NEW per se, but I’ve seen a couple of legitimate comments get lost in the flood and I wanted to make sure that you all understand it’s nothing personal.

I’m leaving comments disabled to have one less comment thread I have to delete spam from; if you have questions or comments, send us an email.