Kim Ng’s resume

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One of my favorite candidates who likely won’t be considered is Kim Ng. Ng (say ‘Ang’, the name’s Chinese) was the Assistant GM for the Yankees a couple years ago and is now the Assistant General Manager for the Dodgers. She’s 34, which isn’t as young as DePodesta but probably too young for the Mariners. She’s huge on the contracts and negotiations, she did something in MLB offices for a while before the Yankees hired her and knows stuff like the waiver rules and related trickery cold. The’s supposedly a math/stats “genius” though I’m not sure what that entails, exactly.


B of A, Public Policy, University of Chicago

White Sox: 90, started as an intern in contract and arbitration, 91 promoted to “Special Projects Analyst”. 95, Assistant Director of Baseball Operations

MLB: 97-98 Director of Waivers and Player Records

Yankees: 98-01, Assistant General Manager

left the Yankees, chilled, then–

Dodgers: Assistant General Manager

We complain about Gillick spending his budget wisely, and Dave cites this as a good reason to pursue Chris Antonetti. In addition to the other stuff, Ng’s supposedly huge on figuring out player value and where they belong in the market. Brian Cashman loves her. She beat Scott Boras in an arbitration hearing, which is almost unheard of.

Baseball executive in US breaks mold,” Taipei Times 5/12/2002 (includes this photo)

GM: A distaff position?” Boston Globe, 8/31/2003

… and many others. She seems good-natured about being featured in a lot of these dumb articles.

Only real problem, she grew up in New Jersey as a Yankee fan. Actually, it’s that she doesn’t have the kind of scouting background someone like, say, Dave, would want to see. And to that, I’d say: pah. As if the M’s don’t need scouting expertise at the top, they need someone who can put together a bad-ass roster, and she can do that.

Kim Ng is my number one choice. It’s a gutsy, sharp move, which means the M’s won’t even think about it. She’s way smarter than Gillick, she’s worked with M’s-style budgets, we’re after Matsui, she’s handled large contract negotiations for foreign players, she’s a geek about exactly the stuff Gillick sucks at and have crippled the team the last couple of years.