Game Seven woooo!

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Oh man oh man oh man.

Mariner team defense since moving into Safeco Field

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2000-2007, as measured using defensive efficiency: how many non-HR balls were put into play and turned into outs.

Depressing chart showing the rapid decline of the Mariner defense

Top line is the best defense in baseball that year, bottom line is the worst defense in baseball that year. In 2001 and 2003 the Mariners were the best defense in baseball as measured this way.

Wait, what? There’s no game again?

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Despite having whined about it earlier, I totally thought there was a game tonight — I just could not get my head around this being another off day, despite understanding it was 2-3-2 and all. My fault.

Go Tribe

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I’m excited for this. And check out that Cabrera guy. He sure came out of nowhere, huh? Beckett v Sabathia. I hope my power stays on tonight.

Oh, and Joe Torre’s available for your managerial needs as of today.

M’s still searching for coaching staff

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Yup. Exciting, isn’t it?

In comments, an interesting point came up: if you were a smart coach, wouldn’t you be a little bit reluctant to take this job even over other available positions? The M’s have chewed through a lot of coaches in the last few years, and if you see McLaren’s job as in jeopardy (and if you think the team’s not as good as its W-L this year, or you followed McLaren’s time here, you should be), you look ahead to next year, where there’s a good chance he’s been fired, which means his coaching staff probably gets fired… and you’re looking for a job again. You might be better off looking for a minor league coaching job with some stability or even possibility for advancement, or a position with a lower-profile team where you can try to get a longer-term shot at building a reputation.

There is science to be done, there is research to be run…

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… on the people who are still alive*

M’s hitting since moving into Safeco Field, charted against league averages

depressing chart of Mariner hitting

Red is batting average
The other one is OBP
The top one is SLG

And on the other side, some pitching indicators.

Walk rate per nine innings (lower is better)
depressing chart of Mariner pitching

HR allowed rate per nine innings (lower is better)
depressing chart of Mariner pitching

Stirkeout rate per nine innings (higher is better)
depressing chart of Mariner pitching

* Portalllllllllllllllll!!!!

Now these points of data make a beautiful line…

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Mariner run scoring and prevention in full seasons since moving into Safeco Field

Chart of Mariner run scoring since they moved into Safeco Field

Runs scored in blue
Runs allowed in red

(yes, the title’s another Portal reference. No, I will not stop with the Portal references)

Another GM walks away

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Following in the heels of Terry Ryan and John Schuerholz, Angels GM Bill Stoneman has decided to give up his post. Three successful, respected men voluntarily walk away from jobs running winning organizations in the same winter – I can’t recall this ever happening before.

Stupidity Never Goes Out Of Style

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Joel Pineiro re-signs with St. Louis – 2 years, $13 million.

Proving that you don’t even have to have a General Manager in place to make bad decisions.

Cleveland v Boston

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I know, I’m still bummed out the M’s didn’t squeeze into the playoffs, but as an AI once told me*

but there’s no use crying over every mistake
you just keep on trying ’till you run out of cake

That’s right! We’ll get a bunch of new players together and get ’em next year! No need to be down. In the meantime, there’s a fine game to enjoy. I mean, uhhh, tonight’s playoff game! The Indians/Red Sox series may be the best of the post-season, and I’m looking forward to watching Carmona face up against post season legend Curt Schilling tonight. Go team!

* sang, more properly

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